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project: Marble Logic - STEM play

This 3D-printable puzzle toy encourages STEM Play through a system of special blocks. Powered only by gravity, this offline toy creates a system similar to the internal logic of a computer.

Marble Logic is a STEM toy to encourage logical thinking through play.
At age 8 kids are already:

The percentage of students reaching proficiency in STEM has faltered in recent years. STEM Play encourages logical thinking, enabling better learning of these concepts in school.

Kids spend more time tapping at screens than ever before. Playing with a tactile, kinetic toy subtly teaches about how the physical world behaves. This improves manual dexterity and fine motor control.

Toggle Blocks and AND Blocks work like mechanical "OR" and "AND" logic gates. Path Blocks assist in directing marbles to the desired Goal Blocks attached to the baseplate. Each card depicts the requirements for each puzzle, with varied difficulty.

3D printing is becoming more accessible through libraries, makerspaces and schools. This enables rapid distributed production, enhancing access through its open nature.

Note: 2nd image is a video demo. Right click to play it if it does not autoplay.