Industrial Designer

project: Panda - Packable Nightstand

The design prompt for this project called for furniture for small spaces. A key requirement was to use of a single 4-foot square of plywood. The college student, who is extremely limited in space, was chosen as a target user. The frequent moves a college student makes means that portability is key.

CAD was used in conjunction with laser cutting to make scale foamcore prototypes. At this scale, the thickness of the foamcore matches the plywood. The final design was cut on a CNC router with hand-cut miters for biscuit joining.

Panda is an adjustable-height bedside table designed for easy transportation. Steel pegs hold the upper compartment and tabletop in place at one of three different heights to match a variety of beds.

College students need furniture that takes up minimal space and can be moved easily. To accommodate this, the legs and shelf disassemble and can be packed into the upper compartment. The box form factor is easy to pack and transport.